Hosting a Website and Creating a DNS Server

What is a Domain Name System (DNS) server?

DNS server is a computer server that contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, and in most cases, serves to resolve, or translate, those common names to IP addresses as requested.

Here is the complete documentation on hosting a website and creating a domain name system server.

Part A :

(a)  Go to Webmin|BIND DNS Server|Create Master Zone and enter/edit the following entries.

(b)  1. Domain name/Network : Add
              2. Master Server : Add
              3. Email address : Enter an email address (need not be a valid one)
                   Click on Create.

(c)  An Edit Master Zone screen should open. Select Address and add the following two entries
 1. Leave the Name field blank and give the server IP address in the address field. Click on Create.
 2. In the Name field, add and give the server IP address in the address field.
Go to Webmin Index|BIND DNS Server and select Start Name Server.

Part B :

        Go to the server terminal and use the following commands :
                #service named restart
        The above command will restart the domain name service.
                #useradd <username>
                #passwd <username>
        And then give the password.
                The above two commands will create a new standard user with the given username and                        password.
            #cd /home
   You should see a folder with the username given in the previous step.
            #chmod 770 username
            #chgrp apache username
            #cd username
   After the above command, you should be in the following path : /home/username.
   You can check this using #pwd command.

   Now make sure the above path contains the html files for the website, including the file           named index.html which is the default file opened as the website homepage.

Part C :

(a)  Go to Webmin|Apache Webserver and under the Create a New Virtual Server, add/edit the following entries :
a. Handle connections to address : Select Specific address and give the server IP address.
b. Document Root : Add /home/username.
c. Server Name : Add making sure that Automatic is NOT selected.

(b)  Click on Create Now. The Apache Webserver page will reload.

(c)  Click on Start Apache Webserver or Apply Changes.


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